Chat with us

I believe having the right kind of information is far more crucial than having money. There you can help us greatly by providing feedback, ideas, or just mentioning a grant or incentives program, interested developers, NFT competitions, and so on. We repay generosity with generosity ;)



Because of our limited public outreach, available capital, and a lack of specific expertise, we either need to expand our capabilities or hand over the project to someone who can develop it to its full potential.

1. We are searching for grants, that could provide initial funding for deploying and realizing what was once originally envisioned       ( animations, professional voice-overs, etc. )

Estimated costs are between 5000 USD to 10.000 USD and projected timeline between 40 days to 60 days.

2. If needed funds are not secured in a reasonable time, the best course of action is a sellout of all assets. Including the transfer of copyrights, a website with Domaine, social accounts, etc. to any interested party.