Two-edged short sword                              

Standard issue for long range reconnaissance.


Meticulously designed for fast and aggressive technique coupled with unmatched versatility, fit for every combat scenarios. The blade was much longer originally, which proved to be a devastating mistake especially in close combat. Therefore a new approach was taken when designing pommel and guard, making it deflect rather then block a strike leaving attacker wide open. To properly wield it, one must go trough unbearable amount of training, for it can be used only if the initiative is taken, since defensive capabilities were newer in mind when designing it.


The method of forging and the ratio of needed ores is closely guarded knowledge, entrusted only to few who make it.



Standard issue for long range reconnaissance.


Made in the Great northern Garden, where specially cultivated trees provide the strongest, most flexible type of wood ever seen. Its constitution is so strong, it allows a small wedge in its design, greatly increasing draw length. It combines the power and range of a longbow and  the mobility of a short-bow.


This type of bow was specially made for long range scouting parties, which are frequently riding through dense forest. It was quite clear that longbows wouldn't cut it, since half of the initial recruits got battered and maimed, after getting them entangled with every other branch in the forest mid-gallop, followed by unceremonious fall from a horse.